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About Me


I grew up in Surrey, where I lived with my parents, my sister and a couple of cats.

I've always loved to read - anything from Roald Dahl to classic children's books like Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild.  My favourite lesson at school was Creative Writing.  I decided when I was quite young that I wanted to be an author when I grew up (then I forgot about that and dreamed of doing lots of different jobs as well).  But even when I wanted to be a dance teacher, or a vet, or star in musicals, I still loved writing stories.


I started ballet and tap dancing classes when I was three, and kept on dancing until I left school and went off to university.  When I was in secondary school, I got into gymnastics, too.  I always secretly wished I was good enough to be a champion gymnast or a star ballerina and so I decided to make those wishes come true for my characters in Gym Stars and Ballet Stars.


I live in London and when I'm not writing, I work at a ballet company, creating souvenir programmes for their shows.  When I'm not doing THAT either, I like dancing, watching ballet, swimming, reading, daydreaming and watching TV.

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