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Sports Day

Illustrated by Sarah Jennings

Emmie's school is having a big sports day and everyone has to choose an event to take part in. There are running races, long jump, an egg-and-spoon race, and even the three-legged race. But Emmie isn't sure what to choose and she is sure that she is going to come in last...

Part of the Bloomsbury Young Readers series

Stage Fright

Illustrated by Giovanni Pota

Parnita couldn't be more excited about the end-of-term play. She loves acting, and it's the last play she'll be in with her best friend before they go to different secondary schools. But when she's cast as the narrator, Parnita feels like she's losing her chance to shine - and then finds she might be losing her best friend too.

Part of the Oxford Reading Tree - Level 18
9781510441316 kitten crisis.jpg

Animal Sanctuary: Kitten Crisis

Marie and Aidan have moved to Avondale and are finding their new life difficult. That is until they start volunteering at the Avondale Animal Sanctuary. They quickly make friends with Dylan but Cassie seems a bit grumpy and upset. Can the team help Cassie to solve the kitten crisis?

Part of the Rising Stars Reading Planet series
9781510441552 doggy drama.jpg

Animal Sanctuary: Doggy Drama

In this second story set in the Avondale Animal Sanctuary, Marie and Aidan have a new problem. Rufus the dog needs a new home, but he barks so loudly that he keeps putting people off! Can Aidan come up with a plan to help Rufus and the santuary?

Part of the Rising Stars Reading Planet series
9781510441675 wildlife warning.jpg

Animal Sanctuary: Wildlife Warning

When an injured otter is bought to Avondale Animal Sanctuary, Marie decides it's time to take action. She plans to give a talk in school assembly about the danger that litter poses to wildlife, but one-by-one, her friends start backing out. Will Marie be brave enough to give the talk on her own? 

Part of the Rising Stars Reading Planet series
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